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To Promote Chinese Film Industry and Establish An International Digital Film Base
Revitalization of the Chinese film industry
To create an international digital film base
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About Us


uxi, a famous cultural city with long history and developed economy, to the west of Chinese largest metropolis Shanghai.


Wuxi is one of the top ten cities in economic dynamics, tourism and innovation. In the center of the most economically developed area – Yangtze River Delta, Wuxi is the second largest city in Jiangsu, with a total area of over 4,000 km2 and a population of about 5 million. Here you can enjoy the convenience of transportation, railways, expressways, and 23 domestic and international airline services.


Wuxi is famous both for its material and non-material assets, like mud dolls, silk, and bamboo carving, and Wuxi Drama, now part of China’s Non-material Cultural Heritage. Lingshan Buddha is now a world-famous saintly land of Buddhism. What’s more, Wuxi is also the cradle of Chinese Wu Culture, an essential ingredient of Chinese civilization.


Here, grace of the rivers, gentleness of the Great Canal, vigor of the mountains, all add more charm to the glamorous city of Wuxi.


In the last two centuries, quick development in economy earned Wuxi the new reputation—Mini-Shanghai. From the very beginning of the 20th century, the local industry and commerce of Wuxi rapidly grew up, with the representatives of the famous industrialists Xue and Rong, and the top rice distributing centre. Hence, the gross economy of Wuxi grew into one of the top five in China within a short time.


In 1970s, Wuxi became the birthplace of Chinese rural enterprises and created a world-famous pattern of development typical of South of Jiangsu.


From the mid 1980s, a series of exterior film bases have been set up, from the famous CCTV Wuxi Base to Rongxiang Historical Town, from Lingshan Holy Land to Helv Historical Castle. More than 100 films are shot here annually, bringing Wuxi strong influence and rallying point in the field of film culture in China. In the beginning of 21st century, owing to the consistent efforts of Wuxi in building a famous Design City, the creation industry is booming. Addition to that, here has attracted such famous universities and institutes as Jiangnan University, one key university of China, Wuxi iCarnegie Institute, a famous international IT training school, and Peking University Wuxi Campus, all able to offer the film industry with intelligence support.


Wuxi Studio -- Wuxi (National) Digital Film Industrial Park, has profited a lot from the profundity of culture, convenience of traffic, power of economy and dynamics of industry in Wuxi.


Wuxi Studio, located in the district of Binhu of Wuxi, covering an area of 6 km2, is composed of Core Zone, Production Agglomeration Zone, Industrial Supporting Zone and one reserved.


Wuxi Studio is engaged in importing American and European film manufacturers, and the first-class film companies in China, building an entire film system composed of declaration, shooting, production, circulation and dealership, from shooting to the later-phase production, setting up a film talent entrepreneur and training system, and eventually joining in the global film industrial chain as an internationally well-known film industry base.


The core zones of Wuxi Studio, taking up 82 hectares, with an investment of RMB 1.7 billion, were refurbished from a former steel plant. Wuxi Studio, in total 180,000 m2, is divided into four parts with different functions:

Zone A – Film Making Zone, functioning small-scale film shooting, music making, compilation, audio and video, recording, and mixture;

Zone B – Waterscape Zone, for water-dancing shows and lakeside spectators;

Zone C – Service Zone, integrating services like film entertainment, film exhibition, film experience and a cinema with ten halls;

Zone D – Film Shooting Zone, including large-scale film shooting studios and outdoor film shooting streets.


Wuxi Studio is aiming at becoming an international digital film export base, for both production and processing, an integration and incubation area of companies in high-end digital film playwright composition, film shooting, later-phase production and release, a digital film technology hardware and software R&D base, a digital film-related talent internship base, and a digital film cultural communication and copyright transaction center.


Wuxi Studio is doing its utmost to build five platforms taking on Art Service, Technology Service, Government Supervision, Business Promotion and Human Resource Service.


In addition, Wuxi studio will cooperate with some world-famous universities, to build Wuxi digital media training base, and set up companies for film culture communication and publication.


Wuxi Studio is planning to, within the next 3-5 years, take in approximately 500 companies of film and its derivative industries 30,000-50,000 experts and talents, apply for over 10-15 international films for release and make 30-40 domestic films or TV series each year. The capacity of film production and new media business is estimated to produce an output value about 20 billion RMB every year. In the long run, Wuxi Studio is intending to build itself into an international blockbuster shooting and production highland, an international digital film service export highland, an international digital film exhibition and communication highland, an international digital film talent internship highland, and an international digital film entertainment experience highland.


Merit, diligence, harmony and pioneering, crystallized over the history of over 3,000 years; Openness, optimism, perseverance, initiative, generated from the journey of ten decades.


Wuxi Studio – Wuxi (National) Digital Film Industrial Park, from the civilization over thousands of years, for a new dream of next centuries, is welcoming, with a full bosom, friends from all over the world, to seek for chances of cooperation in the world film industry.


World Make, Wuxi Made. 

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